Boko-Haram Kidnapping?

Boko-Haram Kidnapping?

My “Libertarian” streak which is not a major streak mind you, is telling me that this is none of our business. But there’s more…

My “spidey sense” is tingling like Chris Mathews leg when Obama’s name is mentioned. I could be wrong but this is just too perfect for a couple of scenario’s.

Scenario ONE:

You couldn’t script this any better for a feel good rescue story. You have young girls, you have islamic radicals, you have Africa, you have the added slavery angle… Its a perfect villain+Hero+Victim scenario….

If Obama sends in forces and rescue’s the girls, the information out of that area is very controllable. The democrat leader will be seen as heroic and a man of action in a “Year of action” that Obama said 2014 would be.

The odds of a successful recovery of the girls go up dramatically if the “Kidnapping” was a ruse. Remember Obama was in Africa not to long ago… Democrats are in BIG TROUBLE, Benghazi and the IRS scandals are looming large, Obamacare is failing miserably… Sounds very “Info Wars” after reading it but I don’t put anything past the corrupt DC king.


This is a set up. You are a terrorist group, you hate America but there’s not enough Americans in your AO to kill. How do you get Americans to come to Nigeria? Kidnap 300 girls, threaten to sell them using the buzzword in America “SLAVERY” do it on a VIDEO… Set up a Mogadishu type ambush and become a hero in Islam for killing American soldiers.

Scenario THREE:

Boko Haram are a bunch of stupid islamic nutjobs and are serious about selling girls into slavery. Which brings about this question: WHO WOULD BE BUYING THESE GIRLS? Slavery still going on in 2014? Funny, because white people have been paying that price for 200 years in America, how is it still going on? Oh that’s right, the same people that started it in the first place. Africans selling Africans to Rich people.

If Obama sends troops lets pray for their safety.

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5 Replies to “Boko-Haram Kidnapping?”

  1. President Obama should spare no effort at rescuing these poor kidnapped Nigerian girls, taken in violence in disruption of their education. I recommend he put the together the same crack team he sent to Benghazi to put down the spontaneous demonstrations at our consulate that were fomented by the YouTube video posted there defaming the Religion of Peace, resulting in the brutal deaths of the American Ambassador to Libya and the 3 security personnel. Forthwith, as well………..

  2. Scenario Four:

    What do a few hundred colored girls matter as long as it dosen’t take the focus off Bengazi

    1. Might just tie in nicely to the missing MH370 huh? But never mind, you lefty’s can just call it a workplace violence incident or blame it on a video… And don’t bring your racist projections over here dipshit, I know all about you liberpukes.

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