Barack Obama will Enlighten us Tonight…

Barack Obama will Enlighten us Tonight…

I can’t wait for the speech tonight. Although I’m pretty sure of the content.

” I have decided, after 9 days of bombing Iraq Libya and after my boss George Sorros insisted, to come with my teleprompter and enlighten you as to why we are in Libya”

We are embarking on a humanitarian crisis aversion action, we are part of an international coalition and I’ll let you know more when you need to know more.

You should worship me now, thank you”

Look I’m the last person on this earth that wants to see innocent people killed by a dictator. And I gotta tell you if I was POTUS for a week, I’d unload on a lot of nations. And I’d probably do it just like Obama did. because there is NO WAY congress would support my unilateral actions against Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and/or North Korea. That is the issue here.

We Americans are not run by a DICTATOR. We the people are supposed to have a voice. IF you bypass congress in any action involving our military AND wait 9 DAYS before you decide we deserve to know why. YOU HAVE BECAME A DICTATOR.

I’ll tell you folks another thing: Any Liberal/Progressive that had an issue with “George Bush’s War” lost all credibility with Obama’s actions. On top of that, Obama has just set a new standard. In 2012 we WILL have a change in the White House. There WILL be a Conservative (Hopefully) in office very soon. There will be an international crisis somewhere in the world and HE/SHE will act in accordance with what OBAMA did. You will just have to sit back and STFU.

Obama has just rendered an entire Democrat/Liberal/Progressive talking point MOOT. For that I say thank you Obama.

So listen carefully to what the empty suit in the WH says tonight. I will have other things to do like picking up dog shit or sweeping the floor…


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