Barack Hussein Obama MIGHT win.

Barack Hussein Obama MIGHT win.

On November 4th 2008, Barack Hussein Obama MIGHT be named the president elect of the United States of America. The world will not end… Trust me.

What will end is this:
Hope that abortion as a birth control method will end. Barack Hussein Obama openly supports abortion and the extreme version of abortion surviving babies not granted medical care. HE supports the “Leave them in a closet to die” bill of Ill.

Our right to keep and bear arms will be changed by the future SCOTUS appointments, I don’t believe John McCain is worse on this issue than Barack Hussein Obama. I honestly believe a Sarah Palin in the cabinet does nothing but strengthen our stance on this issue as conservative Americans. BUT, in an Obama cabinet, our RIGHTS as gun owners will be CHANGED. The reason I am confident is saying that is: Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid are far more against the gun owner than McCain, Palin, Pelosi, and Reid. At lest with the latter we have a voice. ONE voice granted but a voice just the same.

Barack Hussein Obama has stated he will increase the taxes on those making 250k a year. No one is really thinking about this part.. Most folks DO not make 250k a year so for them it’s no big deal. Students, the working class, Military, and a host of others don’t make that kind of money.. Who does?
Well Doctors do, what does that do to private practice Doctors? Well it increases their care costs, so who pays that tax? WE do, the patients, our co-pay goes up and the insurance goes up….So what does that tax really do? Cost US more.
But Barack Hussein Obama says FREE health care for all?? Exactly how does that work if there is less revenue going into the governments coffers. Look at California for an example of when the coffers run dry.

Businessmen: Some make 250k a year, those that own small businesses, they make a lot of money if they offer a good service, lets look at the car repair guy that owns a garage, he’s had a good business he works hard he earns 270k a year and he has 4 employees… His tax goes up, so what happens to his prices? They go up…who pays? We do.

How about Plumbers, Carpenter’s, Independent Truckers, What happens to them? they have to cut back, or jack up prices or CLOSE shop. It Forces only the large corporations to be able to weather the storm of tax increases.
Large Corporations: CEO’s some higher management, I am all for them paying more taxes and me paying less… BUT what really happens? The truth is, they will cut cost to keep their bottom line. That means increasing co-pay’s for health care, decreasing staffing, increasing product pricing, so who pays for the increase in taxes? We do.

Basically: The tax proposals of Barack Hussein Obama are “GREAT” during lip service to the masses, but the truth of the matter is WE are going to experience a LARGE tax increase under Obama. We being the folks making LESS than 250k..

I really DON’T think the world will end if Barack Hussein Obama gets elected but what will happen is CHANGE, and the CHANGE we will get is not necessarily the CHANGE we will want. The CHANGE Obama is bringing has been tried before, it was Jimmy Carter and we got Reagan from that debacle. So there is a bright side.

IF Obama wins, ON Nov 5th. The drive to find a CONSERVATIVE President starts.
IF McCain wins, the drive to find a conservative president can wait a week.

I will still vote for John McCain, based on the alternative.
I know a few folks that I truly respect will be voting for someone else, or staying home or writing in, oh well your call, but I can’t do that in good conscience. I can’t think of a worse leadership crew than Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in a term that 3 SCOTUS appointments will come up…

One bit of advice:
Do not tell me I am “Not a conservative” because I am voting for McCain… That dog don’t hunt here.

HERE are my votes for the Nov 4 2008 General California Election:
Mccain/Palin  (Obviously)
Anyone other than Ken Calvert for Rep.
NO on 1
No on 2
Yes on 3
Yes on 4
No on 5
YES on 6 (Police and L.E. funding)
NO on 7
YES ON 8 (a yes vote protects Marriage, a no vote supports same sex marriage)
YES on 9 (Victims rights)
Split on 10 but leaning YES
YES on 11
Yes on 12
Those of you in California please let me know if you agree with the propositions, and if not tell me why, I might be swayed (other than Prop 8, 6 and 9)

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6 Replies to “Barack Hussein Obama MIGHT win.”

  1. You are correct, no matter which one gets elected, the search for a REAL conservative starts immediately…

    The jab at ME wasn’t necessary, I know you’re a conservative, I know your reasons for voting for McCain, and they are noble, personal went out a few weeks ago, at least I thought it had…

    We ALL have to stand by our beliefs, and we have to live with our decisions, I respect that, but I expect the same in return, and I wouldn’t be making this comment if the dig at ME wasn’t so obvious…

    Rob, we are friends, I think the world of you man, but you didn’t have to say that to get your point across…

  2. @TexasFred: Uh Fred.. There was no jab at you? It was a general for some folks that might say I am not conservative for voting for McCain, Ranando came to mind actually, and a few Ron Paul supporters, If I wanted to Jab you Fred I’d do it on IM.

  3. Shouldn’t we support the president of these great United States no matter what?

    Even if we staunchly disagree with most of what he stands for.

  4. @BeltBuckle88: uh Yeah we really should, just like the Democrats (Liberals) supported GWB in the time of war. The media supported GWB at anytime during this last 8 years….

    All of the sudden we get “Shouldn’t we support the president no matter what”? When it looks like you r guy is going to win YOU want us the fall in lockstep? He will have to earn it. By his plans alone WE as a nation just moved further left than FRANCE was 2 years ago.

  5. My uncle is a doctor, he told me he is happy to pay the taxes. When the middle class has more money, offices like his are better off. Many people aren’t going to the doctors as often and are fighting illness on their own. They would rather buy milk and bread for their families or put gas in their car.
    Also using Barack Hussein Obama’s middle name in bold print is just narrow-minded and sad. If that isn’t racism then why isn’t John SIDNEY Mccain up there with Sarah shotgunwedding i mean Sarah Louise Heath Palin.

  6. @John: You uncle is a moron.. IF he is HAPPY to pay taxes is an idiot. He is wealthy because he is in a profession that pays well. HE has gone through YEARS of education and HE has done a lot of work to get where he is.. HAVE YOU ever heard Obama talk about the benefits of Hard work and the fruits of ones own labor? NOPE… You won’t either.

    And I use Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s full name because folks like you have said we can’t… McCain has not said we can’t use it. I never used it until the Messiah’s campaign said it is racist…. So from here on out The One, AKA Barack HUSSEIN Obama will be referred to by his full name.. Just like William Jefferson Clinton was, and George Walker Bush was… IF he don’t like his name tell him to change it.. Oh and take a look at some of the other things I have a problem with:
    Odinga, Wright, the media bias, the lack of accurate reporting, the KENYAN Born Obama being granted the rights to be president, Ayers, Rezko, The Palestinian connection.
    But to be fair I have some problems with McCain too… He’s a democrat in disguise and he is a socialist.. compare the list and see the difference? I trust McCain because I know McCain is not lying, he has full disclosure.. Obama silenced Joe the plumber for a question.. Fascism you say??? Oh yeah…

    I wonder if GWB had employed the Obama media rules would his approval rating be better???? OF course they would.

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