Barack Hussein Carter.. All that’s missing is Hostages.

Does anyone notice what fence sitting gets you? Carter sat on a fence, Obama sat on the fence. Trying to appease both sides at the peril of the conclusion.

Let’s play “What if?”

What if, Obama put all of his support behind the protesters? Mubarak steps down, the military takes over until elections are held. OR, A power vacuum comes to fruition and Islamists take over as they did in Iran.

What if, Obama put all of his support behind Mubarak. Mubarak still has the backing of the military, Mubarak steps down after the next election in Sept. The military with the support of America and Saudi Arabia as well as Jordan and several other moderate Arab states keeps the protests at a minimum and the march to elections get organized. OR, the Military has to get tough on the protesters, they are shown beating and shooting the unruly protesters but other than that nothing changes until September.

What we have seen is our “Decider” can’t decide because he can’t be seen as backing the wrong side. I think you make your pick and you stand by it FULLY. IF you can’t do that you don’t deserve to lead the boy scouts much less a nation.

Sure would be nice to have a leader again….

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