B. Hussein Obama decisions and scandals

B. Hussein Obama decisions and scandals

Well lets get the party started!

Welcome Barack Hussein Obama to the highest office in the free world.

IF you expect a cake walk, or  silence because you are HALF BLACK, ya better get a clue.

First day in office and you got a wonderful endorsement from Fidel Castro, your treasury guy has been caught NOT paying taxes

Good start there Messiah.

I will be following all the great mistakes that are “Transparent” But I would imagine media swooning will keep the good stuff down.

This is going to be fun guys, let us all enjoy the ride in this handbasket, we know the destination already so there is nothing left to do but check out the scenery.

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5 Replies to “B. Hussein Obama decisions and scandals”

  1. Castro endorses him and the goddamned moonbats still sing his praises… I am beyond understanding..

    What are these people going to do when the realization comes over them that they are backing the biggest sham to ever grace the American political scene??

  2. Too bad you can’t start a separate column in your right sidebar listing each and every faux-pas from Day 1, with appropriate links. You know. Just because. Just sayin’. 😉


    1. Hey BZ. Great minds think alike, I put a link on my sidebar last night to a site that is tracking Obama’s campaign promises…BUT I think the site is “Pro Obama” they gave him credit for a promise kept even though it was NOT…

  3. Obama needs to stop worrying about conditions in Eastern countires and Africa and start deciding what we are going to do about Mexico. It is going from bad to worse in our Western Border States every day. What is the problem? Are we now afraid of offending Mexico and the ACLU? Is someone in our government getting kickbacks from the drug cartel?

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