2 Replies to “Sandy-Hook-Elementary-School-Shooting-Arm-The-Teachers”

  1. because if you do arm your teachers, and the teachers have a mental meltdown or just snap, what you feared most, WILL happen, just a matter of who pulls the trigger… besides, who’s to say every teacher have the gut to kill another human being? if they get shot first, it only means more ammunition and an extra weapon for the attacker…

    violence begets violence… hate begets hate… don’t give in… don’t stoop as low as them…

    1. Wait there Michael, you are assuming ALL teachers would qualify to obtain a CCW. There would need to be extensive background checks for teachers and they’d also have to be evaluated often. Cops are and so shall Teachers.

      I would worry more about a false flag thing regarding the teachers being armed. Some lefty loon who feels the cause is so just that they would do something to prove a point. I’d rather trust a teacher with a gun than leave them with no means to defend themselves.

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