Armed Teachers? My Thoughts.

Armed Teachers? My Thoughts.

There’s a lot of solutions to the shooting in Newtown tragedy being bantered about. All the gun grabbers are using it to go after all guns and ammo. All the Gun Nuts (Myself included) are defending the 2nd amendment rights and pushing the mental health/crime and punishment solutions. One potential solution is to arm teachers. At first I thought this was a good idea. I have some second thoughts. Not that I disagree with the thought totally.



Arming the teachers: So we decide that allowing teachers to carry arms in school is a way to prevent tragedy like Newtown. There’s NO DOUBT that if a couple of teachers were armed the body count would be less or it wouldn’t have happened at all.  Anyone who argues that fact is ignorant to the point of brain dead.

We decide to allow teachers to carry in school: We have thousands of teachers going to get a handgun, training, permits and background checks, that’s Great. We also have several teachers who refuse to do it. That’s great too. If we ALLOW teachers to carry, rather than MANDATE them to carry. I’m good with it. I also want to make sure that PARENTS KNOW their kids teacher is armed and give parents the right to opt out. We also need to protect that ARMED teacher from future law suits.

Think about this scenario:

An armed teacher standing in front of her class, sees a gunman enter her room and open fire on the kids, 3 kids are hit before she unholsters and unloads 4 rounds. 3 of those rounds hit the murderer. One of those rounds bounces off a wall and kill a kid. Our media today will not focus on the 3 kids the murderer killed, it will be the ONE KID the teacher hit on the front page. There won’t be any discussion about how many children that teacher saved, it will be about why that teacher killed a kid.


We don’t look at what didn’t happen. We can’t measure that. The kid the teacher killed is just as dead as if the murderer did it. Reasonable people would understand the teacher is a hero and saved many kids. Liberals/gun grabbers/media would hold that teacher as an accomplice to the murderer.


To protect the teachers, waivers of some sort will need to be written. Teachers are not cops, cops deal with this a lot.IF they fire and kill an innocent they are raked over the coals for it. Hell, even if the “Innocent” is firing a gun at them they are scrutinized. Do teachers want that responsibility? Is it really a good idea to expect them to take that on?

All that being said, I’d send my kids to school with armed teachers in OTHER STATES. States like Texas, AZ, hell, anywhere in AMERICA. In CA? Um, no. Stupid is at epidemic proportions out here.

Your thoughts on arming the teachers?

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7 Replies to “Armed Teachers? My Thoughts.”

  1. The most important part being to ALLOW teachers to carry, not MANDATE. To paraphrase something I saw earlier online, the quickest way to get an American to do something is tell them they’re not allowed to do it. The opposite also stands true: the quickest way to turn an American away from something is telling them they have to do it. I’m all for armed teachers, and for abolishing “gun free zones”. Training, certification and waivers, out of necessity, would be mandatory, but I don’t think the teachers willing to take this step to protect their wards would object much.

  2. Arm them, train them, not just the standard CHL course, I mean serious self defense training and marksmanship.. Then the parents can decide to have a teacher that can protect the kid or do they want to home school…

  3. I’m all for allowing them to be armed. If it’s going to be a mandate, then, as Fred stated, there needs to be serious training involved (beyond what the average CCW permit holder gets).

    At the VERY least, there needs to be armed security personnel in every school. We have them in just about every bureaucratic facility in DC, why not our schools? Are political hacks more valuable than our kids?

    Again, the media refuses to point out how many lives are SAVED by the responsible use of firearms every year; if they shed some light on that tidbit, even the limp-wristed liberals would be more inclined to allow the arming of teachers.

  4. In inner city schools you’d seen the gangs knocking over the teachers for their guns. Period. Either on the streets, in the parking lot or in class itself. If you decide to place guns in lockers in admin buildings or secured areas, there would be a delay or a physical impediment to their acquisition.

    And a cop in every school? Impractical.


    1. Well BZ, I’m sure that is a likely scenario at some point. Its also likely a teacher will kill a kid who tried to get his/her gun. That brings us back to the “Do teachers want that responsibility” part. And THIS can be implemented in such a way that armed teachers are CCW holders and maintaining the concealed part would be important.

      A cop in every school? I do like the idea. Maybe it’s not an ACTIVE DUTY cop? Maybe it’s a retired COP? Retired Military? Retiree’s are always looking for added income and activity. Maybe some would rather be in a school than at wal mart or a golf course?

      Basically, we need to do something rather than eroding our freedoms because of an action. We need to move from talk to action at some point. The problem of school security seems simple to me, the problem with home security seems simple. The problem with inner city security is another issue all together.

  5. We could learn a lot from how the Israelis do it. I’m not so sure that we have the national (and particularly the political) will to do whatever it takes to protect the kids. The Israelis do and have willingly absorbed the additional costs and responsibilities needed to do so.
    One thing I would be totally against is any sort of mandate – there are way too many liberal teachers who would be totally unwilling to carry and probably should not be anywhere near a firearm in any circumstances. As I saw on another blog – if a teacher can’t pass the necessary background check to be able to obtain a concealed carry licence or permit (depends on the state what it’s called) then they shouldn’t be a teacher in the first place.

    1. Gomez. I fully agree with your comment. But you must understand, Israeli’s are all military trained. Not sure of the length of time they must serve but they do all go through bootcamp. I think it’s 2 years. So teachers have been trained in Israel.

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