Another Shooting… In Washington DC

Another Shooting… In Washington DC

You will notice the time stamp on this post, I waited until FACTS came out to opine. Something I wish a lot of new media would do. By new media I mean bloggers and internet news reporters. A lot of us are doing exactly what the MAINSTREAM MEDIA does all the time. We grab a quick headline that meets our “Conservative” narrative and then RUN WILD! Truth be damned…

A couple of points about this shooting that the facts are showing now:

1. The biggest LIE/Stretch of truth was that the shooter used an AR-15. He may have eventually but he didn’t bring it in nor did he buy it legally.

2. Bill Clinton authorized unarmed military bases. Yes and NO the first BUSH President did, Clinton just didn’t over turn it.

3. “The shooter was a muslim” not a fact yet. However; It was just 3 days prior to the shooting that the AQ leader urged “Lone wolf attacks inside the USA” As of right now nobody is talking about it. And another “However” is if he is a MUSLIM CONVERT or Terrorist, the Obama admin will not be letting that FACT out any time soon. We will have to wait for that FACT.

4. The shooter broke several laws prior to pulling the trigger and dropping his first victim. One more law wasn’t going to stop him… FACT.

5. After the recent shootings,(Aurora, Newtown) the only conversation on national media was GUN CONTROL there was very little discussion over changing laws regarding mental health. FACT.

I pray for the victims families. I hope they know that MOST Americans grieve with them.

What I am seeing is this and you guys in your own media area can back this up or dispute it:

The more the facts about this shooting come out, the less the MSM is covering it. As the shooter doesn’t fit their narrative anymore and is proving damaging to their agenda, you can expect a quick PIVOT to something else.


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  1. RE #2 – it was policy that no one except on-duty MPs (and a limited number of guards at ‘sensitive’ sites) were allowed to carry weapons, all other weapons were to be in secure locations or off base. That’s as of 1974 when I enlisted.

    #4, it was probably more like numerous laws rather than ‘several’. DC gun laws are still extremely restrictive in spite of Heller, a single round of ammo (or even a spent shell casing) can get one in a whole world of hurt.

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