An Open letter to Democrats…

An Open letter to Democrats…

To Democrats of the United States of America;

I thought I’d offer a fig leaf of sorts to you.

I’d like to start this letter off by saying SORRY. I feel your pain. Your party has been hijacked for the most part, though I do realize it’s largely your own fault. I’ve been trying to look at the country’s issues with an open mind, and I have seen a couple of things that you may not have seen. I understand that problem as good as anyone because I was a George Bush supporter. Nuff said.

What I’d like you Democrats to look at is the groups around you. You can tell a lot about the state of your party by the supporters of your party. Your eyes will be open only when you differentiate between those supporters and your enemies. You must decide for yourself the path you choose. I am just going to shed a little light on the votes your party receives.

IF you look closely to the supporting cast of your party NOW vs the supporting cast of Democrats during JFK’s days. You will notice a huge difference, JFK actively defended America against Communists and Socialists. JFK was an American first, he believed in this country and he believed this was the best place on earth. And he fought to keep it that way.

Can you say the same thing about the current President? Can you say the same thing about the Leaders of your party?

Now, before I provide you with a short list of your party’s supporters, I want you to know I am not trying to recruit you to the Republican party. I really have little use for them. The two party system is corrupt from the ground up, but that’s a topic for another time.

Let’s look at the list of CURRENT Democrat Supporters. These are folks that vote Democrat, push the NEW Democrat agenda, and basically fund the Democratic machine. I won’t list all of them, because just like both party’s there are the decent supporters that just get lost in the mix. I want to point out the extreme parts

Freedom Socialist Party

Socialist Labor Party of America

Social Democratic Party (1897-1901)

Communist Party

Now if you look at those four  (there are MANY MANY more) and it doesn’t shake you up a bit, then you are where you should be. You should be a 2010 Democrat. IF it does bother you a bit then perhaps you should consider moving away from that party or fighting to get the party back to where it was.

We “former” Republicans have begun that fight with the tea party. Yes, there was some Democrat collateral damage. I am truly sorry that some GOOD Democrats lost in the 2010 election. However; They allowed the NEW Democrat party to push them around and manipulate them. A Lesson maybe? We also managed to re-elect some of the same old tired Republicans that got us in the mess we are in. For that I’m truly sorry too.

We need a strong American Democrat party. We need a strong Republican party. We need the sharing of ideas. However; The Democrat party has become the party of the deranged. The Democrat party has become SOCIALISTS at all cost in most things, and Communists in others while being UN-American in all. America is not built to be governed by elitists. America was not founded on the “Live off the backs of others” mentality that is sweeping the nation. America was made great by hard work, integrity, responsibility and honor. These traits are being forced out. The world has lost a great deal and only time will tell HOW great the loss.

You need to see the direction the New Democrats are headed. I want you to look at your leading House Democrat and the area of the nation she represents. Is that the America you want? Would you be happier if the entire nation was a mirror of Nancy Pelosi’s district? Take it a step further, would you be happier if the entire nation was a mirror of Chicago? These are where these NEW Democrat’s hail from and that is what our nation is to become under their leadership.

Please. I ask you to consider opening your eyes.

IF you took the leading Democrats districts and compared it with the leading Republicans district where would you rather live? IF you were to stand side by side with the supporters of each representative who would you be more comfortable with? IF you honestly answer Nancy Pelosi’s supporters then I say goodbye to you and have a nice life. IF you even thought for a minute that John Boehner’s supporters would be a better fit for you then I suggest you fight very hard to switch course of your party or leave it.

These days are trying times for all TRUE Americans, and I hope that the Democrat party will become an American Political Party again. Right now though I fear the Democrat party is being ran as an ANTI-American Party.

We as a nation do much better when we have center/left Democrats and Right Republicans. For far too long we’ve had far Left Democrats, and Center Left Republicans. And it’s not going well at all from Coast to Coast and abroad.

I ask you to think back to the days when we fought about things without calling each other names. I want you to think about the version of America your leaders want and compare them to what you want. IF you still say you are a Democrat and will follow their lead then I bid you farewell. IF you want to fight it and get the party back, I’ll support you.



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3 Replies to “An Open letter to Democrats…”

  1. It’s strange how communism, socialism and liberalism all seem to be bunched together. Socialism is really just about taking care of society within your country. Isn’t that a reasonably noble cause? Isn’t a country that takes care of the welfare of all of it’s citizens a more ‘civilised’ country than one which doesn’t?

    Guess what I’m trying to say is that being anti-communist doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a state which takes care of all of it’s people. For example basic health care provided by the state for everyone who needs it, surely thats a mark of a civilised society?

    As for liberalism – this seems to be portrayed as being something close to satanism. But it just means liberty, freedom and equasl rights. Why is being called a ‘liberal’ an insult these days?

    Do we think that JFK wasn’t a liberal or a socialist? I would argue that he was both. Not a socialist in the sense of ‘some kind of part-time communist’ but in the true sense of wanting to look after the whole of society. Not a liberal in the sense of being some kind of hippy but just someone who put a high value on liberty and human rights.

    I just feel there’s a lot of confusion about these terms and they just get used to label people as extremists and foster an ‘us and them’ mentality.

  2. Steve, You asked “Isn’t a country that takes care of the welfare of all of it’s citizens a more ‘civilised’ country than one which doesn’t?”

    Good question, and all I can say is look at the results from countries that have done that in the past Germany, and Russia are pretty good examples, North Korea, still takes care of its people. Socialism is a failure because it requires NOTHING for existing.

    Look, MOST free thinking Americans want to help those less fortunate. Most folks want to make sure those that work hard all their lives have some assistance in retirement. There are some good parts of socialism. SS is a great example of something good, but it’s not a purely socialist ideal. Remember for SS to work you must pay into it by a lifetime of work. It’s the politicians that have screwed it up.

    You asked “Do we think that JFK wasn’t a liberal or a socialist? ”
    I remember JFK, there was never a doubt he was an American, his “Ask Not” speech told you a lot about him. While I didn’t agree with a lot of his policy plans he was trying to do what he thought was right. His loyalty was never in question. That is not where are now. Not just Obama, it’s the entire Democrat party leadership. It’s no longer what can you do, its what they will do for you. A VERY BAD THING. Any government that is powerful enough to do everything for you, is powerful enough to take everything from you.

    Us vs Them mentality is war mentality and truthfully Steve, we are extremely close to that among us. It’s not so much the Democrats or even the liberals, its the new version of Progressives. My feeling is this and it’s pretty simple. Look at the tea party from the outside, and look at the progressives from the outside. Where do you fall? If you think the tea party is extremists, and the Progressives would be the extreme other end, you need to see who you are more in lined with.

    All I’m trying to do with this post is get DEMOCRATS to be DEMOCRATS, there is a need for them in our society. But there is NO NEED for these new progressives, their ideology has been tried throughout history and it’s never worked out real well.

    Americans are a different breed. We believe in GOD, We believe in hard work for honest pay, we believe we can best decide who to help, we believe we can make the choice to suck on a gas can or not we don’t need the government to ban gas. We believe that the government should serve US not us Serve them, we believe that the government should keep our society safe from outside and inside influence. We believe their are some things the Government should not do to it’s people. This could go on for a while maybe I’ll post the entire thing later.

    Steve thanks for your thoughts, and I hope your eyes are seeing the path that is our future under these new Democrats. (Remember I’m not saying you should be Republican)

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