America Under Attack

America Under Attack

Let me lay this out the way I see it.

An invasion has been happening in America for a long time, it has recently became an armed invasion. Our southern border is wide open and the thugs keep coming in… Our Homeland security Dept. is concerned with the climate change and has activated the coast guard to monitor.

Our Freedoms are being stripped from the air port to the internet. Our politicians are worried about gays in the military.

Our gun rights are being taken by leftists across the nation and our politicians are worried about negotiating with Russia about nukes.

Islamic Terrorists are continuing to try and kill innocent men, women and children in our nation and our attorney general can’t seem to find the words Islamic Terrorists. Instead we call them “Homegrown” or “Domestic” rightwing extremists….

Our economy is teetering on the brink of disaster and our POTUS wants more money so people don’t suffer without jobs, while he makes job creation and success cuss words.

These are just of few of the things that are going on and our elected officials are on top of it! I am so glad we have such competent leaders of what used to be the most free place on earth.

Now the leftist in charge has presided over another “regulation” NET NEUTRALITY?

I ask my liberal friends, if GWB would have been in charge when this came up, how would you have reacted? TSA? Patriot act? HELLLOOO?????

I am dead serious when I ask this question people: WHERE IS THE LINE? At what point do we say enough? When exactly is the time for pitch forks and torches? IF not now, there will soon be regulation that outlaws pitchforks.. THEN WHAT?

The internet: In military terms is a communication capability. NOW the Government is putting it’s hands on it.

Industry: In military terms is a transportation capability. GM Anyone?

Firearms: In military terms is small arms, insurgent offensive capabilities. Register any firearms lately?

Food: Obvious, “Food safety” regulations?

WAKE UP AMERICA you’re nation is under attack from within and from the outside. Do you still trust your Government? DO you honestly believe they are doing this FOR YOU?

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5 Replies to “America Under Attack”

  1. Here’s what I believe; if the incoming Congress and Senate don’t get this nation back on the straight and narrow, if WE don’t send MORE Conservatives to the Senate and Congress, as well as the Oval Office in 2012, and if those people don’t do the will of We, The People, this nation, and every citizen in it, is screwed…

    And if that happens, some will no longer be citizens, they’ll be *subjects*… Me, I’ll be an outlaw I suppose…

    That’s the breaks…

  2. If it makes you feel any better, 2nd amendment rights are getting strengthened lately.

    It’s darkest before the dawn, yeah?

    Things are crazy and bass ackwards, but it ain’t time for pitchforks yet.


    Merry Christmas!

    1. I’m not sure Linda, seems to me they are putting signals that the target is lit. Czar’s with no oversight other than Obama worry me to death. Obama and his cronies are more of threat to our nation than ANY terrorist group or commie nation… We have the devil in our house and he’s got support from the “intellectuals”

      Look at Detroit and The State of California for the “utopia” of the liberal mind. Detroit is what happens when you let Democrats control for too long. California when you let them control all regulation with minor checks and balance… IF California survives Jerry Brown and a full Demorat government it will be a miracle. I fully expect to hear knocks on my door in the near future from folks taking a count of firearms I own… It’s coming you can bank on it.

  3. From where I am standing, it seems the only answer our government has for the problems we have in America is more and more regulation. Take the problem with gun violence in America. Yes, there is a problem. The government’s answer? Make it harder for law abiding citizens to obtain and keep guns. That makes a lot of sense, now doesn’t it.

    That’s just one example, but I think it is indicative of an underlying desire of our government to exercise more and more control over every aspect of our lives. That thrills me not in the least.

    1. LD, Correct. And you can take it a step further. Look at the battle now over free speech. Al Sharpton is urging the FCC to regulate speech in talk radio. WHY? Well because the democrats are losing the debates across the nation. They can change the “Labels” of their groups, they can redefine their missions or make the bills they push sound much better, but once the people have a chance to look at the writing and see the lies, they are fighting it. So what are they doing now? well of course go around the constitution to get their agenda passed…. Despite what is good for our nation, it’s about their “Feelings” or their “Agenda”….

      Gun laws are the absolute WORST liberpuke progressive plan. They are getting more Americans killed than they are saving. Look at EVERY State with severe gun restrictions and compare robberies/homicides/rapes with those states that have LESS restrictions. Arizona this year has enacted the truly best law as far as gun rights, and according to the gun control crowd their would be blood in the streets… um Sorry, Crime went WAY DOWN, Murders DOWN, Kidnapping DOWN, Robbery DOWN… Hello America are you listening?

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