After Action Report-Boston

After Action Report-Boston

Well, I’ve let the events play out without posting any of the conclusions I came to over the last five days or so. Time to say what’s on my mind…

I do NOT hold a grudge against the MUSLIM terrorists. WHY? simple, we are in a war. In WAR people will be killed. Innocent men women and children will die and be maimed. It’s happened throughout the world at every time in history. I feel for the victims but my hatred isn’t for the MUSLIM TERRORISTS. My HATRED is directed at those who refuse to admit the war we are in. My HATRED is for the politicians and the media who refuse to follow the facts and instead HIDE them. My HATRED is for those who push the political correctness to the point of danger and then refuse to admit they’re culpable.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have 20 minutes in a room with these MUSLIM terrorists. I don’t HATE them. I see them as the enemy, I see them as combatants and I see them as lowest form of life on the planet.. Well, second or third lowest. Closely behind pedophiles and politicians….

Fact is we’ve been fighting a war with ISLAM for the better part of 50 years. Only when GWB came to office did we actually FIGHT it. All be it, half ass’d. At the very least there was a lot of “Enemy” sent to the afterlife and that’s a good thing. NOW?

Well, lets see.. Dear leader went on an apology tour, Egypt fell, Syria civil war, Libya fell, Iraq is rising, Iran is threatening, Benghazi, Ft Hood, Boston, several failed bombings, etc etc.. And still, the main stream media is refusing to use the term “Islam” or “Muslim” in relationship to these past events…. WHY?

The reason is, it’s easy to deny the enemy exists if you refuse to admit there are people who hate YOU. The American mainstream media is the single most effective tool the ISLAMIC TERRORISTS have. The liberal/Progressive entity is the backbone of Islamic radicals here in America. FACT. Ask them, they’ll tell you the media’s refusal to admit the enemy’s existence is the best tool in their shed. That’s why I REFUSE to HATE the enemy as much as I hate the ENEMY’S ENABLERS. Without the media’s lack of fact finding and its professional spinning of events to further the agenda of dear leader, America may WAKE UP. Instead, Americans are ticking targets. We all have targets on our backs and we’re waiting for the next ISLAMIC attack to take more of us out.

When you hate the enemy your judgement is clouded, my vision is clear and I see the enemy within and outside. The biggest enemy to America is with the alphabet networks and their handlers in the democrat/liberal/progressive party.


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7 Replies to “After Action Report-Boston”

  1. I’m at a different place than you. I DO hate them, all of them. When their ideology and religious leaders direct them to target civilians, my hatred only grows. I also hate the asshats that think we need to accept these animals into our society; the ones that believe we should keep handing out student visas to these sworn enemies.

  2. Yeah JJ, I used to hate them. Then I realized there’d be nothing left to hate if the enablers here were NOT doing their best to help them. After so many years and so many dead across the globe still NO NAMING OF THE ENEMY! You can’t fight an enemy you can’t name. We have humanized him with silence. We have made their cause “Grand” we have described them as “Peaceful” while burying our own…Yeah My hatred has blossomed from Islam to the roots, the roots are placed in our media/universities/democrat party who parrot the ideology of Islam without the prayer rug.

  3. I hate them with every fiber of my being…

    These bastards are NOT combatants, they are terrorists, a combatant is a member of a uniformed ARMY, a person that fights, these bastards don’t fight, they terrorize.

  4. I guess after all these years HATING Muslims it has finally dawned on me that hating them is like hating stupid people. Stupid people are EVERYWHERE, hating them is like hating grass. Much better to hate those who allow stupid people to breed/multiply and then become POTUS…

    The fact is, I’m not wasting my hatred on those who try to terrorize us. I’m putting the effort of HATE on those who allow Terrorists to get away with it. Those who allow them to infiltrate, those who apologize for them and those who make policy that allows the terrorists to do what they do. IF we didn’t have all those folks, terrorism would be a memory because WE’D BE ACTUALLY FIGHTING IT. We’d make mecca a pile of glass, we’d make every country that ends in “STAN” uninhabitable.

  5. Hate or not hating …doesn’t make much difference. The fact that we are on the same page being forcefully against the Muslim terrorists is what matters. The biggest enemy is within as you say.

    1. Some folks think you must hate to fight. I understand something now that I didn’t 6 yrs ago. Islam is the enemy I knew that part. But enabling Islam to infiltrate our nation isn’t their fault. It’s ours. To hate them for getting it done is to deny that WE ALLOWED IT.

      We by our votes elect idiots who allow Islam to infest our culture. We allow the murderers in to kill us in the name of diversity and some feel good emotion that does little at funerals.

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