About The Author

About The Author

Rightwing extreme

The author of American and Proud is not a very politically correct individual, he has been known to call it like he sees it, he has been known to offend some individuals but usually it’s because they are dumber than shit. If you are dumber than shit, please do not comment at American and Proud, it will only produce frustration in your life.

The blog owner is, by his own admission a redneck son of a bitch. He has a serious problem with Hypocrites, Liars, Criminals, and at the risk of being redundant Politicians.

The blog owner reserves the right to edit, change, re-format or otherwise render hilarious any comment left at American and Proud that is deemed worthless or off topic.

The blog owner will not censor the comment area. The blog owner is not responsible because someone is offended in the comment section. If for any reason you feel offended by comments left at American and Proud call 1-800-tuf-shit.

I do this as a hobby, I use this medium to vent about politics, to talk about issues that bother me or just to talk about issues of the day. IF you are offended or don’t agree with my position, you have the ability to disagree, you have the ability to input your opinions, however; if you fail to do it in a respectful manner, you can expect to catch a verbal beat down.

The blog owner is not responsible for any psychological issues that might come from debating or arguing with the blog owner or his partners.

The basic principles of American and Proud are:

1. God exists, Jesus died on the cross for ALL of our sins. I am not a religious fanatic, I believe life is meant to be lived and the Christian religion provides the BEST guidelines.

2. America is the greatest country on earth. Despite the best efforts of the socialist/communist libtards. We lead the world with compassion, we have shown the world we can be brave, and that we will stand for something I believe Afghanistan should have been a parking lot after 9-11. I also believe Iraq was necessary, although it should have been handled much better.

3. America can not withstand the current invasion of ILLEGAL Immigrants. Our resources are being taxed beyond belief and because our leadership desires to put politics ahead of country WE suffer endless budget shortfalls and tax hikes. Our education system, health care, and infrastructure are crumbling and due to the policies of the past our “New” graduates are held to a much lower standard than they were prior to the invasion. I am in favor of Immigration, I am totally against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

4. I am a gun owner, I am very capable with my weapons, I am a RESPONSIBLE gun owner. Try and take them at your peril. Gun Control is the greatest aid to a criminal and as soon as there are NO guns in criminal’s hands, or under Government control, I will gladly hand mine over as well. Let me know when that happens.

5. Abortion as a form of birth control in America at this time is MURDER! Plain and simple. It is the easiest way out for the mother and father. The RIGHT thing to do is carry the baby to term and send it up for adoption. That requires paying a price for lack of responsibility, and we all know that is not how liberal judges think. In cases of Incest or Rape I do believe that it should be the Mothers decision.

6. I couldn’t give a damn if you are black, green, white, or brown if you use your ethnicity as crutch you are the problem regarding race relations, if you think because you are of certain ethnic grouping that another ethnic group owes you something, YOU are part of the problem regarding race relations. IF you believe someone is a racist because they challenge a socialist/communist viewpoint, YOU are the problem regarding race relations. I can handle being called cracker, whitey, redneck and all the other names we are labeled, but don’t be offended when it is thrown back at you. Racism is a fine line for most, most folks are not racist by nature, they get to be racists by life experience, Most folks don’t see race the way it was seen back in the 50’s 60’s 70’s and I think it is time for those that still harbor that victim mentality to get over it and move on.

7. Drill here, Drill NOW, Drill in my back yard, Drill and put the clock on the “Alternative fuel switch” make a time frame tied to the oil we discover.

8. The death penalty should be used and used more often, We have an exhausting appeals process, it goes on for years, and It is UNNESSECARY in most cases. IF you are convicted of a capitol offense, MURDER,RAPE and ANY SEXUAL ASSAULT INVOLVING A CHILD. And DNA is pointing to YOU, Adios muddafuka and it should not be PAINLESS, it should be the worst imaginable punishment mankind can think of. Because of your actions another life was took, you should not have a HUMANE end because society doesn’t want to feel bad. As a matter of fact I think those found guilty of capitol offenses they should follow this simple instruction:

Just think how your friends would admire you!

There will be additional free writing to explain my views as they arise.