A RINO’s Spots…

A RINO’s Spots…

Chris Christie, the odds on favorite to challenge the butcher of Benghazi for President in 2016, was behind the massive traffic jams in NJ for “Political reasons.”


I’m going to link to the CBS story for a couple reasons: Christie’s Problem

#1. Its well written. Reason #2 is to show how fast CBS can report on government wrong doing when its not their guy…

Anyway. You want to know what kind of favors Christie did for Obama? Watch and see if Obama comes to the rescue.. More likely, watch how Obama’s henchmen leaked the story and watch Obama come out to try and save his buddy. Basically putting Christie out to pasture before the election season even gets fired up.

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Personally, I love to see Christie get hammered by his friends in the Democrat party. Too funny. Since the GOP has declared war on the tea party, there’s nothing like firing the first shot and making it a kill shot. If Christie is derailed from Presidential consideration, early like this? AWESOME chance to get that desired “Swamp clearing” and “Hope and CHANGE” we all want. Get these slugs out of office ASAP and start over.

Christie, Graham, King, McCain and all those like them need to be ran out on the same rail the Democrats will be using.


Keep the RINO’s in your sights, do not separate the Democrats and RINO’s they’re exactly the same people. They’re out for their careers not the country’s best interest.

We call out Obama and every other democrat on their actions. I will hold the RINO’s to the same standard. I will hold every politician to that standard. You do shit like Christie and Obama, YOU SHOULD BE FIRED/RECALLED or at the very least RESIGN! This is abuse of power plain and simple and its a character flaw.

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Good bye Chris Christie, you had such promise but it appears that underneath all that butt kissing for Obama, you really are worse than a Democrat, you’re a fraud and no better than the lowest Democrat.

Bye fat boy…

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5 Replies to “A RINO’s Spots…”

  1. You’re right in nearly ALL of your criticisms of Christie, he IS a buffoon, he IS a RINO, he IS a fraud and no better than the lowest Democrat, but don’t make fun of him for being fat…

    Attack his points exactly like you did, that was a great post, and if you stick to his *points* and use all the ammo he give you, YOU sound more professional… Journalistic integrity my friend, journalistic integrity..

    1. Yep Fred, But remember, I’m “just a blogger” Not bound by “Journalistic Standards” kind of like the mainstream media in that regard. They’ve shown themselves to be less journalists and more cheerleader over the last 10 years.

      I wasn’t voting for Christie in 2016 before this and frankly Christies actions have made me question that stance. Two days, that’s what it took for him to fire someone for this. Benghazi, IRS, DOJ or even the Obamacare debacle, NOBODY has been fired.

      Do I think Christie KNEW about the bridge lane thing? Probably. BUT he at least DID something. Obama? Well, he’s all about blame, shift, dodge and NOBODY has been fired who wasn’t going to retire anyway….So the leadership quality is a one up on Obama.

      As far as me calling him “Fat boy” I’ve been called racist, homophobic, islamophobic, grandma killer, hate the poor, kick puppies and pretty much every thing under the sun so now I can be fataphobic too… And I don’t give a fuck what they call me anymore… Just sayin

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