3 Replies to “A Note to Conservatives in the USA…”

    1. Yeah that would be nice… But how do you know? and at what point is it a sell out? IF we elect an “R” for POTUS and he/she signs a bill that we disagree with is it a sell out, even though he signed 20 of them we did agree with? At what point do we abandon the elected R and call for his resignation? At what point do we storm the castle?

      Kurt I understand the sentiment really I do. But IMO, as long as the next “R” doesn’t grant amnesty, doesn’t increase the debt, repeals Obamacare, doesn’t raise taxes without getting triple in spending cuts, doesn’t trample on my 2nd amendment rights, and a few other things….. I’m going to have to support them. IF they do/don’t do any of those things I’m open to a few “Damn its” during the term(s)

  1. That leaves Romney out, doesn’t it? ūüėÄ

    I’m thinking back on the Bush years when he had a Republican congress and we got that hugely overpriced (and un-needed) Prescription Drug clustrf*ck.
    I’m wondering if we really need to stock both houses with conservatives and not worry so much about a home run.

    With Urkel in the White House, congress will have a reason to do everything they can to bring the budget under control.

    With a Republican in the White House it’ll be more of the same go-along-to-get-along, and less will be done so as to help him(her) get re-elected the next time.

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