2016 election deja-vu…

2016 election deja-vu…

Here we go again folks… This is the most disheartening post I’ve written in a long time.

We conservatives have a real problem within our own group. We have various levels of conservatives who feel their level is the true conservative and the rest are either not conservative or too libertarian or whatever. We will take apart any conservative in the election to make sure our conservative gets the nomination or we won’t vote.

I’m as guilty as anyone for this.

Lets go back to 2008, it didn’t matter if Reagan showed up Obama was going to win.

Lets go back to 2012, We had conservatives who actually WORKED with Reagan in DC running and we conservatives failed to back them in favor of another conservative who didn’t make it either. We ended up with Romney and all the polls said he’d win so conservatives said screw it, and he lost.

Now in 2016 we have another shot..The Trumpers are battling the Cruzers and Rubio is getting all the GOP money and support.

When this all shakes out, there’s going to be decision to be made. After Tuesday that decision is going to be more clear.

I have good friends who are on the Trump train, I am not on that train. I’m on the Cruz wagon. My reasoning is very simple. The GOP will accept a Trump presidency, as evident by Christies endorsement. No matter what you hear, the GOP knows this election is more of a vengeance election against the GOP than a support the Republican party, so they won’t come out and say “Trump is okay” that’s a death knell.

But the problem is, we spend 8 months beating Republican candidates bloody, then we give the carcass to the Democrats to pick at the bones a few more months… By the time we vote, we are in such a state of hopelessness that we just want it to stop.

I suggest we all take the “These two are okay with me” stance in regards to Cruz and Trump. Either you are a TRUMP guy and will compromise with Cruz, or you’re a CRUZ guy and will compromise with Trump. But lets knock off the “My guy or No Guy” bullshit and at least pick two.

The Ace of Spades said it best:


I do understand the importance of this election cycle is one that I can’t sit out because Trump isn’t my guy. I’ll pull the trigger for Trump in a heartbeat if he’s the nominee.

Now, if its Rubio or Kasich? Well, lets just cross that bridge if its on fire after Tuesday…

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3 Replies to “2016 election deja-vu…”

  1. Rob,
    There has been exactly one candidate that has actually stood up and defended the constitution; filibustering the senate at the chagrin of both Democrats and Republicans alike.

    As a Vet who swore an oath to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, that means something to me.

    I’m with you.

  2. I have to say that I agree with you, Trump is all about the deal…He IS The Art of the Deal…and he can probably clean up things with China and Mexico…and Immigration….but as far as caring about the people of this country…NO….we are pee ons that he would step on to get to where he wants to go…it has always been that way, always will be. He is playing to the camera, always has been…and he was groomed for it…the camera, not the Presidency. While I do believe he can make the deal….We are not playing Let’s Make A Deal….We are talking about lives….and personally I don’t think he cares one iota about those lives…..it is and has always been about the dollar. GREED should have no control over the BUTTON…..just like RACE should have had no sway over the LAST TWO ELECTIONS. Just my opinion.

  3. Thank God it wasn’t, and won’t be Rubio or Kasich… Trump is a businessman, America is one big business… There is a connection there I believe…

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