2014 Should be Fun

2014 Should be Fun

What we have now is a fuster cluck of epic proportions. The scandals, all of them from Gibson guitars to the D.O.J should be enough to remove EVERY DEMOCRAT from office. I say SHOULD for a reason. It wont.


When the media is feigning outrage in mid 2013, that’s the safest time. The election is a long time away. In the very near future the big news will be Eric Holder is resigning. He’ll be doing it to help the country get focused on important issues or something.

In 2014 the GOP will again push establishment Republicans on the nation and again the nation will leave them in droves. If conservatives are not nominated and running against Democrats, the senate and house will become full super Majority Democrat in 2014. Conservatives are fed the hell up.


Lets talk about the media for a second. Between Holder’s removal/resignation whatever happens and the election, there will be a warming with Obama. Media will again fall back into “Worship” mode and without CONSERVATIVE options, Conservatives will stay home/arm up and prepare for the worst.


2014 will be a fun ride if TRUTH wins the day. IF the corruption/lies/deceit of this regime are allowed to continue, we’ll be in for full on California style governance.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. But don’t run away. Run to the sound of gun fire and shoot back.

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  1. Every day brings me a bit more into line with my ability to make myself more independent, more sustainable, more able to take care of myself and my family. And that’s about all that needs to be said.


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