Cease Fire in Gaza? Hell No!

Cease Fire in Gaza? Hell No!

Hamas Chief Refuses Israeli Conditions for Gaza Cease-Fire

Hamas’ political chief rejected Israeli conditions for a Gaza cease-fire Friday and demanded an immediate opening of the besieged territory’s borders, taking a tough line as he asked a summit of Arab countries to back him by cutting off any ties with Israel .

Despite the hard-line comments by the Syrian-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, Israel and Egyptian mediators were expressing optimism a cease-fire could be reached. Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said he was hopeful that Israel is “entering the endgame” on its Gaza offensive and that a “sustained and durable” stop to Hamas rocket fire on southern Israel was near.

He said Cabinet ministers could make a decision on a cease-fire as early as this weekend.

Israel wants a total end to Hamas’ rocket launches into Israel and an arms embargo on Gaza’s militant rulers. Hamas has demanded an immediate Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and the opening of blockaded border crossings.

“These are our demands and we don’t accept any political movement that does not accept them,” the movement’s top political leader, Khaled Mashaal, said in a televised address from his headquarters in Damascus, Syria.

A couple of things about this story struck me; ONE was the absolute cowardness of the Hamas leader. (just like the idiot Nasrallah of Hezbullshit)  Khaled Mashaal went to Damascus when the fighting starts, then he talks real brave from the comfort of his hotel room under Syrian security or Iranian guard.  He says shit like “We will make the streets run red with blood” unfortunately its all Palestinian blood.

The other thing that struck me was the end game comment. I would love to see an end game in this mess, but it needs to END with permanent solutions and the only way it happens now is a total removal of Islamic Radicals from the region. IF Israel wants peace they need to destroy their neighbors will to kill them, the way to do that is harsh, mean and nasty and it is needed.

We all thought Israel pulled out of Lebanon way too soon, they left way too many thugs still alive to fight. BUT; did you notice how fast Hezbollah said ” IT wasn’t us” when a few rockets went toward Israel? They don’t want to ride that train again no matter how much blustering they do in the media.

This is the truth.  IF Israel was as “Oppressive” as it has been argued on my blog by the raghead sympathizing idiots then why would Hezbollah not assist? why would Egypt, Syria and Iran not be offering more in the way of support for the “Oppressed Palestinians”? I’ll tell you why; the Palestinians have made their bed and their so-called “Supporters” are not willing to actually FIX the problem they just want to continue the problem.

BTW I think Israel only has about 2 days left to meet their objections, those objections are easily met but since they are trying to do it as PC as possible they need to step it up. Obama takes office in less than 100 hours, and NOBODY knows where he stands on this issue.

Israel get to :shootin: and some shit up!

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10 Replies to “Cease Fire in Gaza? Hell No!”

  1. Ya know, a cease fire is NOT an altogether bad idea, as long as the terrorists of Hamas actually honor it…

    If they don’t, Israel needs to turn Palestine, and every person there, into dust and ashes…

    Ashes to ashes… Dust to dust… :devilsmiling:

  2. Problem is, Israel continuously makes these plans for a cease fire only to have them in no way EVER honored by HAM-ASS.

    Better to finish the job as best they can as quickly as they can in “palestine” this time and make sue it’s REALLY done before anything type of “cease fire” get’s discussed.

    And I mean they need to scour that rat infested shithole from top to bottom and sideways and make sure every freakin cache, every silo, every safe house is obliterated.

  3. I really believe they need to finish this. Hamas will never stop until they cease to exist, and I hope Israel continues to eradicate them.

  4. What I really loved is the new smiley, lol. :dancinghappy:

    But seriously, it needs to be finished. BTW, those hadji supporting idiots seem to be as idiotic in their language as in their facts. :finger:

  5. Why, do other governments cow-tow to these radical fucks to start with? They have no government, no army’s, no navy’s, no air force, just a bunch of wild eyed rag headed monkeys,and we treat them as heads of state. WHY???
    It turned my stomach the way Bush greeted that puffy lipped asshole arrafat when he was alive and came to Washington. He’s NOTHING!!!!!!!!! :finger: The same for that ham-ass coward that stays in syria, while his trolls do all the dirty work. :finger: The same as OBL. :finger: They all like to talk big as long as the gun ainted pointed at them, and once again, Israel is listening to the PC limpwristed whineasses of the UN :finger: and are considering a cease fire. The cease fire will be just long enough for hamass to re arm and move their locations for renewed rocket attacks. Why can’t they see that?

  6. I think a day or two ceasefire is a good idea. It gives the IDF a chance to catch up on their sleep. When the shooting resumes, they can kick some more towelhead ass. :shootin:

  7. Pfft! Israel goes along with a phony cease fire, and the sheetheads fire 18 rockets, targeting civilians in Israel. Perhaps now they’ll finish the job? Doubt it. “International” pressure for Israel to be destroyed is pretty strong.


  8. Unless Israel decides to actually STOP it, it will never stop. Never. The ceasefire may be honored for a few hours, days or even a week or a month. But Hamas will start the rockets and mortars again. That is a guarantee. It is their nature.


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